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  Wanqianhui International Freight Co.,LTD is a main Russian logistics and trade as one of the import and export trading company. Our company focused on the Russian market,help Chinese and Russian peoples procurement of goods, cargo transport,Our company has sophisticated logistics professionals, modern logistics management, improve the international freight network, praised by customers.

  Our company is [[[[head]]]]quartered in the hub of the world's transfer station Shenzhen International Airport Logistics Park, adjacent to Hong Kong airport interwoven three-dimensional transportation network, covering 20,000 square meters, has built three export warehouse, general warehouse 2 , yard 10,000 square meters.

  We based on local resources, extension of the market, within the grasp management, development warehousing base, at each stage we are constantly upgrading its service levels and expand the company's brand influence. The company has a number of logistics, customs, tax, accounting and other experts and professional operations, marketing and sales team.

  In the future development, the company will continue to maintain the "unity, innovation, brand value creation," the concept of corporate culture, and to the new and old customers to demonstrate our unique "to the platform to open up the market to establish a reputation of quality of service, in good faith a win-win for the guidelines, to strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign counterparts, "business philosophy. In the new era to create a more brilliant tomorrow!

  Our main products are as follows:

  1. China to Russia land transport

  0 customs clearance fee, 0 tax , Transportation costs low, the price is very favorable, suitable for large cargo . Shenzhen to Russia need 15-18 Days .

  2. China to Russian air transport

  0 customs clearance fee, 0 tax ,The Russian whole territory of the air transport, all airports can be reached . Transportation speed is very fast , Shenzhen to Russia Only need 8-12 Days

  3. China to Russia Express

  0 customs clearance fee, 0 tax , and door to door , Long term cooperation with Russia's domestic express delivery company . At the fastest speed, the package is delivered to each customer. Shenzhen to Russia Only need 10-15 Days .

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